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Collecting You

I could paint you in the dark

Cause I've studied you with hunger like a work of art

These are very secret days

I collect my information then I stowe it all away

Call me when you breeze through to your appointments

The work you do

Call me, I'm collecting you

The pleading prayer and hairshirt sting

My hair-trigger love and faulty spring

Motivation smokes a name, but I don't like that smell applied to me so

Blindly just the same call me

When you breeze through to your appointments the work you do

Call me I'm collecting you

Turning up my collar to an unseasonal chill you ask a favor, you know I will

The rain comes a surprise we fly across the railroad ties

I feel the danger the foolish thrill oh yes I will

What it will or won't be then

The shutter pre development the ink full in the pen

Mind the mind's eye's trickery

You might picture killer beautiful much more than it might be

Call me tell me what you're up to what you'll do

Call me I'm collecting you

I would be foolish to think that I could turn it off and stay alive

The way I live when you switch on hand on the dimmer, give me just a glimmer

Give me just a shadow hope around the edges, agony and rapture forever uncaptured

Take these secrets to your grave

Drug across your landscape and buried in your cave

You're piling up and out of sight

But trying to add it up just feels like counting shades of light

Call me when you breeze through to your appointments what you must do

Call me I'm collecting you

Hang it in my window let it complicate my view

The separation the glass of you

But I can paint this picture any way that I see fit

The art of pain the subject sits unmoved

Индиго Герлз

Collecting You / Индиго Герлз

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