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All around this wide country the winter it has now begun

Now is the time to slip away from the California sun

To a place where a man can be free as the wind

As wild as the huskies' cry

Now winter is nigh let us fly to my log cabin in the sky

With snow piling all round the door

And many a log on the stove

Where the chickadee's singing a comforting song

I'll show you it's you that I love

O let the wolves howl, they won't find us here

By a soft oil lamp we will lie

Now there comes a time to every man

When he must turn his back on the crowd

When the glare of the lights gets much too bright

And the music plays too loud

When a man must run from the deeds he has done

Recalling those days with a sigh

Incredible String Band

LOG CAN IN THE SKY / Incredible String Band

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