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The greatest friend I have in life

Has brought me here to dwell

Awhile among your green green hills

All by the watery well

The water from that wondrous well

Has made my eyes to see

And loosed my tongue to sing with joy

That such a griend can be

The greatest friend I have in life

Was hidden long from me

Above the mountains cold and wide

Beneath the sacred tree

That sacred tree whose bark I touched

Whose leaves did tell to me

The ancient tales that made me sure

My friend would come to me

My greatest friend a song has given

To sing where I may go

To sing among the green green hills

And where the waters flow

The waters from that wondrous well

That made my eyes to see

And made my mind to ever show

My greatest friend to me

Incredible String Band

GREATEST FRIEND / Incredible String Band

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