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 Impaler Impalerметалл-группа

Astral Corpse

Still the God of slaves

Punishes progressive thoughts

The hell in which you're born

Is destined o drag you down

Down to a lake of fire

Damnation arrives to seal your souls demise

The city of God is falling

As Sodom and Gomorrah before

His ruins will be the habitation

Of demons, remnants of your soul

Convulsed with hellish thoughts

Burn your astral corpse


Commanded by God of slaves

Dig your own grave

Surging towards the brink

Your God forgives - you think!

Claw at the stony ground

Salvation's not to be found

The dead in Satan will rise

To the sound of demonic cries

Abandoned ways crumble to dust

God of slaves finally crushed

Claw at the stone ground

Salvation is not to be found

Claw at the stony ground

Salvation is not to be found


Astral Corpse / Impaler

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