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 Illdisposed IlldisposedДатская дэт-метал-группа

Psychic Cyclus I-III

Come on, I'll help you

I'll save you, regain you and feel you

Didn't mean to, wasn't intended

To make you wanna cry

Listen, yeah listen

You got to, you need to, I want you

I'll satisfy your every need

If you satisfy me

That's the way I am, I am he

Two hearts, colliding

It's frightening, exciting, the way we are hiding

Our feelings for each other

As if there were another

Hatefull, yeah hateful

It's so cool to hurt you, this way too

I'm pityful don't I know it

But do I give a fuck

The mirror, reflecting

The image neglecting

Though inward I'm searching

I cannot find a single clue

Hippies, you're hippies

You're not strong. You're weakies

Come closer. I hate you

You stink, we'll never be friends


Psychic Cyclus I-III / Illdisposed

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