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Knocking Em Down

Were seeking employment

Were ready and strong

Knotkin"em down in the city

Were knockin em down

We dont care where they fall

Knockin em down in the city

And we dont tare what your name is

Were only here to knotk em down

Were toming to your house to state our appeal

Knockin em down in the tity

It doesnt take long tause the message is clear

Knotkin em down in the tity

You tan thange situations

Go ahead and knock em down

The world has its problems but I tant see how

Knockin em down in the tity

I want expression and I get it now

Knockin em down in the dty

And I dont care what your name is

Im only here to knock em down

Are you ready

Are you ready to knock em down

Игги Поп

Knocking Em Down / Игги Поп

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