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Turn Blue

See a black Eldorado

Oh, rolling along down below my window

That black girl in the back looks pretty good

Christ! She's beautiful

You know how soft she is

Just what you feel like

Oh, I'm so far away from her

Jesus this is Iggy

You, you might as well come with me,

When you ride the ride

There's talk and I don't wanna talk

Oh mamma, I shot myself down [x4]

They're stepping on our hearts

Stepping on our hearts

I don't know why they're stepping on our hearts

Damn, I don't know why

Stepping on our hearts [x5]

Can't you see, oh no, Stepping on our hearts

How come the blacks, how come they copy you so good?

They get off on you, so ?

If you wanna make it

Young man you gotta make somebody come

Come out of your black [x2] and strong

Black! Strong! Black!

Jesus it's cold in this room, it's really cold

You know I never told you about this, but there's one guy

Somebody I really love, he's never around

Well he was taking things that could be alright, that could be nice

And make him ugly, so damn ugly

And we put out the lights on them

Yeah, we'd make it dark, we put out the lights....on them

It's idiots like you that screw me up

I know there's nothing to you

And I don't know why I treat you so kind

Come down and dance with me, dance with me

You got nobody left but me

Oh accept me, don't reject me, don't forget me

Mamma, what colour will the lights be? Will they turn blue on me? [x2]

Mamma, I shot myself up, woh mamma, I shot myself up, up, up, mamma

Up down, up down mamma

Oh oh oh oh oh mamma

I didn't know what I was doing, I didn't mean to, but I did it, I shot myse

Игги Поп

Turn Blue / Игги Поп

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