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Iggy Pop/David Bowie)

You gave me a present

The paper was blue and green

I unwrapped it with pleasure

These are the best shades I've ever seen

You can be my girlfriend

Forever and a day

I never thought I was worth much

Or that anyone would treat me this way


I'm not

The kind of guy

Who dresses like a king

And a really fine pair of shades

Means everything

And the light that blinds my eyes

Shines from you

It makes me come in the night

It makes me swim with delight

I like this pain

I like this mirror

I like these shades

I could have had a problem

I might have never followed through

The other guys are in trouble

They wouldn't listen to a girl like you

These shades say something

I'll bet they cost a lot

I hope I don't break 'em

I hope we don't break up



Игги Поп

Shades / Игги Поп

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