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Pussy Power

An evil shadow across my brain

A certain buring that makes me insane

She's on my beam oh no she's in my room

She's al around me now and I'm a tool


Pussy power

Pussy power

Pussy power

Pussy power

She wears a raincoat in the sun all day

She says she wants to have some fun, well, hey

She calls me over on the sidewalk

She's got a joint, she's got a cute walk


Pussy power-hour by hour

Pussy power oh what a flower

I want to hold her close to me

'Cause pussy power's pulling me





When it's there and I can't have it

I get real real rabid

I've got to figure out a way

I'm so pent-up, like this I can't stay

I've got to look this in the eye

I'm much too crazed, I'm much too shy

But all in all, at least I am I

Oh my oh my oh my oh my



Игги Поп

Pussy Power / Игги Поп

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