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Nothin But A Bitch Thang

Nowadays everybody wanna talk

But nothing comes out

When they move the lips Its just a bunch of jibberish

And motherfuckers act like Eminem aint' gay

Everybody forgot

What happened?

Eminem: What up Dre

Dre: Yeah

Eminem: It's all about Dre

Eminem: It's all about Dre

Dre: Compton's in the house

Eminem: Yeah, thats right Compton is in the house

Dre: Come here pull down your panites you little bitch

Eminem: Aiight, hold up dawg go easy on me and shit you ripped my asshole last time

Dre: Come get some of this Compton dick

Eminem: Let me take off this white shirt so you can see my bird chest

Dre: You wanna be famous?

Eminem: Uh huh

Dre: Spread that bitch ass

Eminem: It's all about Dre

Dre: Yeah, Compton

Eminem: Uh, dawg, your hurting me dawg

Dre: Your the tightest detriot rapper you little bitch

Eminem: Your ripping my asshole dawg, hold on a sec, wait don't bust

Dre: Yeah

Eminem: Hold on a sec, don't bust

Dre: Come here

Eminem: Wait, uh wait, uh, hold on don't bust

Dre: Take all of this Compton dick

Eminem: Hold on don't bust, do it on my lip like a milk ad

Dre: Comptons in that ass

Eminem: It's all about Dre

Eminem: It's all about Dre, ahh ahh

Dre: You wanna be famous you little bitch

Eminem: Man don't tell Kim dawg please, it's all about Dre

Dre: Aiight, now get the fuck out of here

Eminem: Aww shit

Bitch boy mutha fucka

You might have them 11 year old groupies

Believing your shit

But you ain't fooling nobody bitch

You a mutha fuckin bitch

You ain't never shot at us with no paint balls

Matter of fact you can come get these painted b

Insane Clown Posse

Nothin But A Bitch Thang / Insane Clown Posse

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