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Mr. Happy

I'm kind of fat and I sweat a lot

but that's the only bad quirky dinks I got

that and maybe the whole murdering aspect

but we really ain't even got to that yet

I love people, I love everything about them

and that's why I gotta live life without them

I know it don't make any sence to you but fuck you

this songs about me exclusively

murder, murderous, murderation

the murdering mentality without an explanation

I'm Mr. Happy and I ride a bike

I ain't got a seat I just sit on the pipe thing

I whistle, I sing, ill pet your poodle

ill twist and squeeze your neck like a wet noodle

cause I'm so happy ill stab your ass

and lay down next to you dead on the grass

and sing

Ooh it feel so good every time I murder I get happy

happy happy happy

I'm happy, happy, happiest

I'm happy, happy, happiest

I'm happy, happy, happiest

I murder murder murder you (must kill you)[sung during murder murder murder]

ill murder murder murder you

ill murder murder murder you

ill murder murder murder you

I love you, so hand me you neck

let me teach you about love and respect

respect the fact that I love to kill

wait a minute y'all I gotta take my pill

Zanoffs.. it works : down to only 3 people a day

my victims, I give them love and care

I don't wanna get blood everywhere

I don't use a chainsaw or a butcher knife

that's so 90's get it right

I never mutilate or chop my loves

all I really need is a pair of gloves

or maybe a car, ill run 'em down wit it

I know that can be messy but the birds will get it

don't you see that I love you

I'm mr. happy I'm all about fun

Now get into the pit and try to kill someone

Ooh it feel so good

Insane Clown Posse

Mr. Happy / Insane Clown Posse

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