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I Dont Wanna Die

"They want me dead in Detroit...

they want me dead in St. Louis...

they want me dead up in Denver...

New York, L.A., they want me dead...

they want me dead on the east coast...

down south they want me dead...

they want me dead in the Bahamas...

they want me dead in Lebanon check it"

Wait a minute, ho'd up

Don't shut my fuckin coffin yet, I'm still alive

And fulla life, like a beehive

I know you really want to see me drop into the earth

You wanted that since my birth, but ho'd up partna'

I got to many poker chips, still gotta cash 'em in

I still be lovin Friday nights I'm flossin, ryda fashion

And mashin, in a black Navigator baby

100 spoke Dayton Dayday today be payday

This hoe was lookin like she wanna fyda dick up in her

And i'm the beginner, winner, we fuckin during dinner

To bang her biscuit out our first time out is nothin new

I fuck her on the plate of food

I'ma rude, crude, dude

Most players like to take they women wine'n dinin

I serve a bitch a plate of dick, a bowl of nuts that's it

I gotta lot on this earth to live for and I don't wanna die, fuck that

I'm tryin' a touch the sky

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Reach into the world, reach into the sky

I'ma Psychopathic Ryder and I don't wanna die

I'm hittin switches in a black Escalade truck

I know you must be thinkin' "what the fuck?" but I can

I'm like Bump, Bump, squeek, Bump, Bump, swing dip

Bump, Bump, swing dip, it's a trip

$16,000 dollar rolex, I flex

I'm boatin' an Impala, hood is open and i'm scopin

Bitches flaggin' me down, wit' they tittie nipples

But see it aint that simple, bitches now'll leave you crippled

If I stu

Insane Clown Posse

I Dont Wanna Die / Insane Clown Posse

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