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Im Coming Home

I live my life in the gutter

And this gutter is who I am

Take me back home to my gutter

And I swear I won't ever leave again!

[Violent J]

Hey, I'm coming home

Home to the criminals and crooks

Home to the gangbangers shooting dirty looks

Home to the killer cops beating on my ass

Home to my '72 Velarick, praying it will last

Pass by the rich bitches trying to play me out

Dawging on my neighborhood, don't know what it's about

So now I'm clockin dunkets, never hang out with the rich

I'd rather hang out with the crooked at the party store, bitch

Give me codey, dawg, with a little smog

Cuz it tastes better than the poisonous fog

Seeping from the sewers in my slummy neighborhood

But the ghetto got love and the love is all good

So I don't give a fuck about your mansion by the lake

You can suck my dingaling until your neck breaks

Cuz all I wanna do is hang with the zombie

In the zone, break out with the Faygo, I'm coming home

[Chorus (1x)]

Home to the creatures, home to the crooks

Home to the fools readin witchcraft books

Home to the monsters roaming the land

I wanna come home but ya don't understand

[Shaggy 2 Dope]

Bitch, I'm coming home and I'm not alone

Jokers and freaks, and their dead body bones

Every single thing that you never wanna see

Add it all together and you got me

I know nobody gives a fuck about your punk ass rules

Keystone coppers and your hypocrite schools

I'd much rather lay around the streets of the gutter

And make dirty phone calls to your rich mother

Caught her passed midnight and I'm waking up the dead

Then we playin kickball with somebody's head

We got skinny dipping in the barrels of tox

Insane Clown Posse

Im Coming Home / Insane Clown Posse

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