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Mr. Rotten Treats

Um well J that was an interesting Halloween Story

Um anybody else have another

Halloween story they'de like to share with the class?

I have another one. Well you have just told your story J

So what bitch, you sit here every day and tell stories

I'll tell a story in this mutha fucka

See he doesn't want me to tell my story

Cuz he knows my story, it's about Mr. Rotten Treats

All your parentes know my story too

They don't tell you about him though

Long ago they all killed Mr. Rotten Treats

They're scared that you'll talk about 'em, they're scared that

He'll come back from the dead, they're all scared

he'll cut your fucken ass

Welcome too, the other side

Thats what they told me when I died

I was stabbed in the head

Look what ya done dead

All the blood bleed, one juggalo dead

It was a cold, dark, scary Halloween

So my neighbors and my people,

they didn't really like me right?

So they came and burn down my world

Just because I like to murder their boys and girls

It was the Halloween I never ment to harm no one

I thought you were suposed to murder it was all in fun

I see the monsters and the gobblins I'm a killer to

But then they call me sick so what was I supposed to do?

I come back from the other side

I come for the people that took away my life

Trick or treat bitch, my dead body speaks

You tricked me now it's only right

that you try my rotten treats

Trick or treat, trick or treat

Watch as the dead man walks the street [2x]

Mr. Rotten Treats got all the good shit

over hereboys and girls, I got balls freshly

picked form Detroits biggest nutsacks, I got

Milky bar with the delicious razor blade filling

Insane Clown Posse

Mr. Rotten Treats / Insane Clown Posse

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