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Mad Professor

[Dialogue between Violent J and Couch Guy]

[Violent J]

I was never popular, this I'll admit, fuck school never liked me, Goo!

All the kids would always beat me, until I'm half-dead

Make fun of the size of my forehead

But that shit never bothered me, Mama and Mother

They had a lot of property

They had a science lab in the basement

And that's where my free ti...well, my time was spent

I made a mouse with a chicken head

It clucked three times: CLUCK, CLUCK, CLUCK!

And then it was dead

I made a lot of things though, like a frog with a turkey neck

gobblegobblegobble, it was the shit (yeah)

But I'm still lonely, I need a homie

So I collected limbs and made a zombie

I could've made a girlie friend

But fuck that, I got my girlie right here...yeah!


You can call me Mad Professor

I will make a friend for me

You can call me Mad Professor

We will rule eternity

[Dialogue between Violent J and a bitch]

[Violent J]

I used so many body parts it was crazy

I killed a whole bunch of mother fuckers , like what, eighty?

They all chipped in on my special friend

Everything helps, Even if you got a finger to lend, come on

I hear the other children playing outside

"Keep it down you little bitches, I'll skin your fucking hides!"

?Stressful?, this part is wack

Some how I gots to attach this nut sack

Shit! Fuck! I'm sawing off an elbow

Looking at the meter I'm like ?Quasar and Ziphalo?

Or better yet look out the fucking window

I see a storms coming, almost time to roll

Screw the head on, come on, come on

It's the thuggish, ruggish, bone

Okay it's time, hit the switch, turn it up a hert

Fuck! Shit! Didn't work


Insane Clown Posse

Mad Professor / Insane Clown Posse

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