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Aint Yo Bidness

[Intro:] Rude boy sittin pancaked on 23's

Clown Love to chicago juggalos

we underground like Blaze

my dead homie

and yours

we dead

we dead, no wait a minute... we don't die!

we don't die

we dead

[Violent J:]

Maybe i like bloody, murder music, you know shit like " stab your fuckin eye"

Maybe i like eatin shit like Tylenol PM's cuz 5 or 6 will get you high

Maybe i like punchin people i don't even know, i knock em flat up fuckin out (PAH)

Tuck some money in they jacket with a note that simply reads " i had to let some anger out" (sorry)

Maybe i only hang with weirdos, and hoodlums, and junkies, i keep em be my side (what up)

Maybe mam doesnt understand a friend is hard to come by, so i'll keep what i can find (My Boys)

Maybe i got 2 felonies, tattoos on my neck and i always paint my face

Can i still data your daugter? i mean i think i outta, i like the way she taste



how i act!


dont get slapped!




face slapped too!

[Violent J:]

Maybe i dont even like you, but i gotta front cuz your a record label guy (mother fucker)

What if i dragged you by the hair, into the street, and beat your ass, and put a boot up in your eye (Puh! Bitch!)

Maybe i would rather fuck a Missy Elliot before a Tony... "Braxton"

Maybe i would rather fuck a Mecy Grey before a Janet... "Jackson"

Maybe i dont have no self esteem so i like to pick on everbody else

Maybe when i was a boy, underneath my shirt i had bruises and welts "Oh" (its ok)

Maybe i was hungry, bottom barrel poor, and my mom was always sick

Maybe i'm lying, i'm just trying to find an excuse to be a dick, I'm a

Insane Clown Posse

Aint Yo Bidness / Insane Clown Posse

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