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This Ones For Me

Yo yo whassup Ice man you look upset brother

Yo man, I got a lot of things on my mind man

But I don't know if I should put it on this record, yaknahmsayin?

Man go ahead and kick it man

Let the people know what's happenin man

You know brothers out there sellin out man

Why they goin out like that man?

Yo, sellin out like it ain't nothin man

I ain't with it


Dig it, I'm just a brother from L.A.

South Central, I live life the fly way

Used to bang and hustle but I traded for the big game

Infamy got dumped for fame

Now I'm known and respect as creator of the crime rhyme;

but my lyrics are deeper

Because I'm the one that makes you think before make a move

I wrote "Pusher", "High Rollers", and "Colors" just to prove

that I could kick game, and drop knowledge at the same time

But one L.A. station wouldn't play my records one time

I'm tryin to save my community

but these bourgeoise blacks keep on doggin me

They don't care about violence, drugs and gangs

KJLH, you ain't about nuttin

You just a bunch of punk bourgeoise black suckers

and this one's for me

You won't play no Public Enemy

You ain't playin no Boogie Down Productions

You ain't tryin to represent the black community

You just carin about your little ol' R


This Ones For Me / Айс-Ти

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