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Soul on Ice

It was a Saturday night on the streets of Cali

Threw on my dope silk suit, brushed off my suede Bally's

Threw on enough gold for any girl's pleasure

Left a pound and a half of that shit still in the dresser

I slapped a clip in my nine, threw a clip in my sock

Hit three grand up off the dresser, it was ten on the dot

Now my beeper started beepin, I threw that shit in the sink

I didn't need it no more, I had more money than Prince

See, I was quittin the game and tonight was my fling

You see, on the streets they're players but only one king

Now that's the title I held but the game is real fast

You gotta get in and get out if you expectin to last

Now my homeboy Evil was downstairs chillin in his brand new Benz

I had many adversaries but very few close friends

We broke to the set, E parked the car on the grass

High-signin was his trademark and he did it with class

Hit the door like two titans, the whole jam stopped to stare

And as we walked through the crowd they threw bills in the air

I spied my man Jazz maxin out with two stone cold freaks

"Yo, what's up Ice, you rich now, man, you too good to speak?"

Now Jazz was a player from the east coast, the Bronx

He was known to be hard on the women and a brother he'd stomp

Smack a bitch in a minute, some say just for fun

And he was known for his chrome-plated pearl-handled gun

"Yo Ice, you my brother and I love you and all

But what's up with that six g's you owe me, man

...'member when your boys took that fall?

And I posted the bail cause yo ass was locked up"

Evil gave Jazz ten g's and Jazz shut the fuck up

Just then I saw Donald-D hit the front door

More gold than a Aztec, black leather he wore

Hoes grabbed for they niggaz when D hit the set

Cause what Donald


Soul on Ice / Айс-Ти

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