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Sondoobiest Interlude(feat. Sondoobiest



Mic smugglers, hustlers, hold your jugglers

Forty guzzlers, muscular, Son'll fuck wit'cha

One of ya, actin' funnier, think you're hungrier

Some of y'all know, the streets stay ghetto govenor

Swash Buckler, Club King, pull the gun to her

For the love of her, punish 'em, drop they juggler

Son's guns stompin' dirt, hurts come at runnier

Son's luckier, put your money up and stumbler

Raise her birthday, cut yo' - Son Gun-the-Gun

Comes from vomit coke, drunk number runs

Club tumblers who thug wit' us - double up

Mother-luggers shots blast, Ice what the fuck?!!


Sondoobiest Interlude(feat. Sondoobiest / Айс-Ти

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