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Inside of a Gangsta(feat. Jell


This is Ice-T

I'ma slow it down for a minute

I wanna talk to all the ladies out there

I got my man J-e-ll in the house

I got a message I wanna send out to all the fly ladies, yeah

Check me out

[ VERSE 1: Ice-T ]

It's time for me to kick game

And if I can't do it, then ladies, Ice ain't my name

Now real brothers ain't easy to understand

And it's a long hard road to become a man

Drama seeks and chases him through every year

His homie dies, you might see him shed a tear

But mostly hardcore feelings are all you see

Cause you gotta be raw to be called a gee

But every man slows down

You'll see this side when there's probably no one around

And there's no safer place

Than if you ever are some gee's homebase

But it ain't easy, these brothers got barricades around the hearts

It's gonna take time before the trust starts

But girl, you must be true

Cause if your man's a gee, he'll definitely die for you

Look him deep in his eyes, let him know you're there

Show him that you really care

Trust me, you move with time

Through the darkened halls of his mind

You just might find

[ Bobby Ross Avila ]

The me inside of a gangsta

Yo, Jell

You know what I'm sayin?

I try to represent for all the brothers out there

And I know my latin homies have the same drama with they girls, man

Won't you let em know how it's goin down

[ VERSE 2: Jell ]

Man, I'm lookin for a hina that's down

But you don't have to be brown

If you wanna hang around

All you gotta do is stay in check

Cause if you're rubbin me right

Then you can bet you'll get respect

And that's why I guess my feelings will have to show

How can you hide somethin that's in your soul?

Cause there's more to the l-o-c

Than all the violence, baby, that ain't who I be

I know my dogs and me can still pull straps

But I rather have you rollin in my Cadillac

Cause when we cruisin, thangs is all good

And that goes for every vato in the hood

Now sometimes it's hard to show the other side

Especially when my crew is caught up in a homicide

Cause East L.A. don't play

And if I had my way

I'd kick it with you everyday

[ Ice-T ]

Whether black or brown, the situation's the same

Different hoods, but the same game

Some girls won't take their time

Others will stroll through our souls and find

[ Bobby Ross Avila ]

The me inside of a gangsta


Inside of a Gangsta(feat. Jell / Айс-Ти

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