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God Forgive Me(feat. Laquan and SLEJ

"In the year 1982 a music was created. It was given the title: Gangsta Rap

It had no positive messages, no redeeming value, hated and feared

By the establishment, it changed the course of the world"


Ride as my jabos, cocked my straps watcha back

You know where you at? You in urban combat

So stay alert, use the attack of the tactical expert

Puttin in work, and leavin your troops with wet shirts

Your casuality rate is high, I'm closin in

Prepare for your ultimate end, tell your family bye

Better cool like Egon, and shine like veegon

Pissin on your beons, for decades and eons

You squad has no muscle plus you, my new hustle

Fuck scuffin up my knuckles, rather buck you and watch you buckle

I can't stand a snitch, a switch real bitch

I got some transcripts to say you been runnin ya lips

Now its on, on site, if I see you I'mma sin ya

If I catch you in traffic I'mma gift ya somethin in ya

Letcha battle with death for the prize of life

I learned ta never come empty handed to a gun fight

My advesaries feel fright, his last sight

Was a flash of light, you said lightning could strike

From the same place twice, I have your head on my death

1500, tonights your last night gettin blunted

"The voices could not be stopped, it began to morph

And reinvent themself, I grew like a black blade

Moving like a tornado from the west to the east coast

Leaving behind a path of destruction and mayhem"


Thick's ice fix ghosts infrared no remorse

And low from the exchange, psycho derranged

Playa lay no feel pain, killa cocka-main

I'm top framin the game, use muscle for the hustle

I zip duffle bags to muffle fags

Scuffle my knuckles bad on niggaz that think that they runnin shit

They feel the punishment, uh, blood bath, the wrath

Aftermath, at least the guns in shit

Too under fallin charum leads to send up on the earth

Mix things with daughters with men

Since poured from birth the worth for the others

Go to war with my brothers

I'm unstable like Kane did to Abel

I'm out the stable sinnin from the beginnin

Leavin daddy's little girl pretty linen bloody red

What's said in the book of dead is now all forgotten

My soul's rotten, still the blood's spilled I feel

Chills, I'm still plottin, I'm ill-norm

Take life forms like light storms I laugh at the wrath

Of the guys comin on, visions of the antichrist is risen

The question is now, am I unforgiven?

"Legends tells that the creator of this poison's name was Ice

Although, others have told different stories, no matter

Who or what invented the monster, their souls would be forever

Damned to Hell"

[Ice T]

Enter the death chambre, cash richer, leave ya nutless

Cutless with the raw scope, double ya dope

Feel my back lash, body cash your whole fam and media

Greedy shit, tag ya out the rag Jag, speedy shit

Look in the sky, the four horsemen bustin no discussion

No stoppin its apocalypse, lock and load ya clips

Gonna be rich and dead, copa said don't matter cats scatter

Suckas get touched, niggaz get rushed

Watch em transform into animal form, wicked Hell-born

Lord of the Flies, cry and ya die

Mechanama come masses soul snatcher, fallen angel

All angles covered for you fuckin God lovers

Possession, good suggestion run cuddle your funds

Double your guns, watch your kids grow, stay out my flow

Be wise, the magnificence, evidence, decadence mind

Seven sins, the abomination, I'm

That nigga, last nigga, street mack

Hot is my strap, wet is your back

Understand I never forgive, leavin bodies like seive

Clap gats til my fuckin shit's clipless

Niggaz bear witness

"Like any deadly disease, it has infected many men

From the east, west, north, and south, gangsta rap is now

Alive, God forgive me, God forgive me"


God Forgive Me(feat. Laquan and SLEJ / Айс-Ти

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