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Depths of Hell(feat. Daddy Nitro

[Daddy Nitro]

Now hear dis!

All bad man what dey a know

The original bad man dey a know, seen?

Daddy Nitro, an' Ice-T dey 'pon ? man

Come talk wit reality

An' any guy who nah like dey got shot in ? face

No Ice-T, come talk wit reality star

Tell dem bout da endin of da world today.. COME!


I got a attitude as thick as a convict's

Bomb ticks, my heart beats as I rhyme over hard shit

Watch this, the nigga that you didn't think could do

break through with the rhythm that'll rock your whole crew

Thought you knew; I ain't no punk or no pooh-butt

Step to me, the cops are still diggin niggaz up

What's up? What's up? What's up? You wanna try your luck

You move you weave you bob you got stuck

And now you're trippin with your fuckin brain

You never seen so much blood pour through one vein

You try to scream, you choke

You try to run, your legs are broke

You're bulletproof I hope..

Yo, I ain't no nigga to flex, but I will flip

Fuck up a nigga and dropkick his fuckin bitch

I love to squabble and I'm good widdit

So if you want some nigga come get it

I ain't trippin nigga trippin at all

Yo, I'm fuckin walkin over weak rapper's downfalls

It ain't my fault they fell, it ain't my fault I sell

I pull my ass up from the depths of hell

[Daddy Nitro]

Lawd! Jib-bibbidy-bong, jib-bibbidy-be-bong-ska-dang

Daddy Nitro an' Ice-T come wid a different some-thang

Comin out de ghetto tings are wild like pure 'ell

Nuff man get ? in my firebomb sale

Some a sell coke but the music we a sell

We no inna doubt, we don't want no ambulance bell

While other lyrics are full of our style we fill up our clientele

Ice-T an' Nitro from the, depths of 'ell, COME!


You punks are jealous cause I'm rollin in fly shit

My shit, all paid for and I don't owe no guy shit

Fuck you, it ain't my fault your ass is on empty

Thought you was it, but you're smooth gettin pimped G..

.. I ain't no hoe fool

Got much respect for the new and the old school

But many rappers can rip mics but can't count..

.. zero bank amounts

Word and many critics are hot cause hard rap hits

They like to make it all soft that we pop shit

Fuck that, I'll die before I let the hardcore go

Cause I'm a nigga from the G-H-E-T-T-O

I got a posse who's airtight, quick to fight

And got the power to continue or end the night

And if you stepped on wrong, then you're a done kid

The yellow tape's in the club because one did

I got no pity so don't ask me for fuckin any

I'll break a bum off but you niggaz can't get a penny

When I was broke, I stole my gold, I pawned

I lived the life of a hustler off and on

I'm just a brother that lived to tell

I brought my ass up from the depths of hell

[Daddy Nitro]

Come! In a de ghetto tings are wild round de clock

Some man a smoke crack and soem man a fire shot

Me tell de people dem laws, that we no inna dat

If a guy try dat thing we get them sixteen shotta

It's a lovely night ?? ?? off de chatta

Easy Ice-T make them no say you a mark-a

Anyway we go on I bet a no say we stop

wit lyrics and de music and right on de ?

EASE UP and come again my selector

All over de world is only for pain an' sufferin

That's why Ice-T and Daddy Nitro come wit the reality thing

Nice this everytime star

Man like Ice-T 'pon the ?? man

Come in star, one last time and teach dem bout reality

Now watch dis, COME!


I met this girl who act like I owed her somethin

Nothin, all I owed her was some good steady fuckin

Fuck that, not the one that's gonna fall on no hoe trap

Ease back bitch, before you need all your teeth back..

.. I ain't no fuckin mark

Made all my money workin bowcutters in the dark

Snatch bars and cars and vice grips

Long handled sledgehammers, saws and wire snips

I got an ill side that drips from my brain at times

It still thinks of the psycho and brutal crimes

I still remember when I had a low cash flow

No hoes, no cars, no gear no dough

And times got wicked..

.. I even remember havin to sell all my pawn tickets

But suckers spread out and they left me with few friends

But that's who wit me as we fuck up the true ends

So don't be trippin if your luck's gone bad, be glad

It'll empty out the fake fuckin friends you had

Then get yourself together, nigga aim straight

Shoot point blank at your goals, work hard and wait

You can do it even if you fell

I brought my ass back from the depths of hell

[Daddy Nitro]

Cause we are serious, en-ter-tain-ers

Talk about de Ice-T, he no joker

Cause we are serious, en-ter-tain-ers

Talk about de Daddy Nitro me no joker

Me come and pull up my lyrics and full up my style

and full up our lingual

As me sit upon de riddim I'ma sit on proper

As me flow upon de riddim like a rockin of de gong

Me sit upon de riddim like a true ??

Man no listen Daddy Nitro like a fierce ??

Me flow upon de mic from a ?? area

Pam pamma, original chat masta

Me pam pamma, original chat masta

Me pam pamma, me come fi set fi dance pon fiyah

An' if it's on, well you must fi chant up hiyah

Me say dis a Daddy Nitro steppin ?? ??

Come down, no try to diss and no dismiss de kid

As me sit upon de riddim wit de man Ice-T

All of de massive up here listen to me

Respect me come from inner New York Ci-ty

Die gon test me, man go dead and buried, COME!

Ease up man, FIYAH

Wicked every time.. woy! Woy! Woy! Woy!


Depths of Hell(feat. Daddy Nitro / Айс-Ти

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