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 Iced earth Iced earthрок-группа

Red Baron / Blue Max

The son of a major, Prussian nobleman

His name bestowed by a holy Roman

The war broke out, and looked to the air

24 hours of training he was there

100 miles an hour, top speed his plane would fly

and if he flew behind you, you know you're sure to die

Eighty kills, that are confirmed

While other pilots have so much more to learn

Red Baron! Blue Max! The albatross flies high

Red Baron! Blue Max! He's got you in his sights

The Red-Battle Flyer

Roll right fire

He sees no faces

The ace of aces

His British quarry flew a reckless flight

A shot from the ground took the red baron's life

He flew with honor, he flew with pride

In 1918, The battle flyer died


The red baron...Blue max!

The albatross flies high

The red baron...Blue max!

He's got you in his sight!

Iced earth

Red Baron / Blue Max / Iced earth

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