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 Iced earth Iced earthрок-группа

Jeckyl And Hyde

What's the reason for me to be this way?

I'm lying on the floor

I've broken through some door

I don't know how I came to this

There is blood lust in my eyes

And someone in my mind saying

I have forced you here

I'm hiding, right here inside you

Trapped in here so long

You'll find me growing in every man

Who is this that speaks to me?

Tearing down my mind

My reality

This must certainly be the one

What will I pay for this?

This evil synthesis!

I'm out of control

Evil takes my soul

I can feel you inside me

You're not stronger than me

I won't let you

No, you can't have me!

I won't let you destroy me

You took away my life

With your wicked seed

If you're able to take control

You'll bring damnation upon my soul

Iced earth

Jeckyl And Hyde / Iced earth

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