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The Vibe

Now is the time tor me to manifest

I got to get lots ol things oI my chest

I like to relax and have a good time

Take things easy and maybe kick a rhyme

I get uptight when I am around people

Who cant feel the vibe and the scene aint equal

I ask myself why when they pass me by

They act like superman yeah kinda fly

All I can say is let yourself go

Relax your mind and let the vibe flow

If i cant do it then you can do it

Get into the rhythm and move your body to it

If you come trom London, Paris,

From New York or Alabama

As long as you feel the vibe

It isnt important to dance like a hammer

Just cool an easy no acting ill

Just chill and let the vibe tlow tranpuil

Feel the vibe and dont let no one

Take this thing away

Feel the vibe its so contagious

Use it every day

There's another thing that gets my mind fumin

The reason why lteelitis because i am human

I like to be in company with people on my level

I feel it so strong when

Theres the presence of a devil

Smiling in ya lace and trying hard to hide the sixes

But I can spot them anywhere no matter if he mixes

With the black or the white

Cause his ass lm sure to find

He doesnt understand that Im a very special kind

Now stop and take a look at everything around you

Cancel all the things unecessary you're bound to

Think of all the things that are still in your possession

Health and a good state of mind thats my lesson

Or message or point and you must realize

And open your eyes and try to be wise

And free your mind and feel the vibe

Youll feel a sensation that I cant describe

Feel the vibe and dont let no one

Level vibe now what sensation

Vibe the a hit you from all direction

Level vibe now what a sensation

Vibe them a hit you from all direction

Ice Mc

The Vibe / Ice Mc

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