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Back From Hell (Remix)

[ INTRO: Chuck D ]


Once again

From the dephts of hell


Yo, Jam-Master J-J-Jay in the house

And y'all take this

[ *Jam-Master Jay cuts up* ]

(From the dephts of hell)

(Heaven is cool, in hell you burn)

(I cut the head of the devil and I throw it at you)

(Heaven is cool, in hell you burn)

(On a lower level where the devils dwell

Comin from the one..) (where they at?) (..comin back from hell)

[ VERSE 1: Run ]

I'm comin back from hell, a jail cell tells no tales

The walls, the floors, the blinds, it never fails

To catch a little butt from a inmate's head

So sorry for you sucker, see ya, sissy, you're dead

Another rolled-over casket, tisket, a tasket

This ain't no thanks to the pussy-ass bastard

Easy for another man to laugh at his face

Like I said, his head to bed, another dead inmate

Raw to the bone and killed him for the phone

Mommy's only son, but left his mama alone

The last words he heard "Your time is up", the result

Caught back around, his naked face cut to a pulp

Never knew he'd go to jail doin murder and he fell

(Reporting live from Rikers Island) and comin back from hell

(From the dephts of hell)

(Back) (back) (from hell)

(Back from hell)

(Back) (from hell)

(Back) (back) (from hell)

(Back) (back) (back from hell)


(Back) (back) (back)..

[ VERSE 2: Ice Cube ]

Back from hell

But I still smell the same old shit

From the lower level

Ice Cube'll beat the shit out the devil

Nothin changed, still down with the P.E., son

But now I'm raising hell with Run

Nearly gettin done from the sawed off shotgun

Pressin they luck, didn'

Айс Кьюб

Back From Hell (Remix) / Айс Кьюб

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