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24 Mo Hours

[Ice Cube]

Put the whoop on 'em (Ice Cube, a.k.a. Don Mega)

Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. Poppa Don)

Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. the Big Fish)

Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. Brainiac)

Keep it gangsta y'all, Keep it gangsta (uh huh)

Keep it gangsta y'all, Keep it gangsta (Keep it gangsta)

Keep it gangsta y'all, Keep it gangsta (all my life)

Keep it gangsta y'all, Keep it gangsta (all my life)

(verse one) {:21}

Everyting is real on this concrete and steel

Niggas peel your cap for a happy meal

I got to deal with this ball of confusion, world of illusions

We ain't losin' playa (never), weez winnin'

Playin' every night when we sendin' paper chasing, grinin'

While you still chasin' women 'round tables no lieutenants

Use your own man grown, (hook it up)

It's Ice Cube and the family stone

Breakin' bread every night in L.A.

And I pray, for one more day that's unate (check it)

It's 90 degrees no enemies in sight

Even the Don gotta fall to his knees every night

(chorus) {:52}

Can I get 24 more hours (can I get get)

Without dealin' with these killers and these cowards (can I can can)

I don't wanna loose, all i wanna do is win

I fucked up today, can I try it again?

(verse two) {1:03}

I'm lovin' every breath like a cold sip of soda

While I'm bankin' down these back streets, thanks for lookin' over

Damn sure nice to know ya, fuck a four leaf clover

And thanks for this range rover

We gets down with this underground gangsta shit

Politians and parents, always havin' a fit

Everybody wanna know "who you with?" "where you from?"

Why you lookin' at me dumb?

Here's a bullet cuz

Айс Кьюб

24 Mo Hours / Айс Кьюб

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