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Where Ya At

From One Million Strong.

[Ice Cube]

So yo check this out

This is Ice Cube from the Westside Connection

Callin all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa

The world has never seen a million black men in one place

But on October 16, in Washington, D.C., a million black men will gather

"This is a mission, not a small time thing" (sample repeats)

[Mobb Deep]

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, word up son, check it out though

YaknowhatI'msayin? Word up son

Listen up son, knowhatI'msayin?

(Watch out for them man) Listen up son, check it out though, yo

Open your eyes get wise and look alive focus your attention

Windows 95 updated high tech lynchin

Crosses of the colored man who claims he holds the keys to the safe

Secrets of the world, blow him in his face

Who's the master of the universe, galaxy and planets

Babylonians ecstatic moon the sinkin of Atlantis

(Be the one soul original black filled with melanin

Goin out like represent Kuwait in two thousand)


Brothers gonna have to put themself in check

Three strikes you in the penzo, checked to your neck

Your woman cries, your baby grows up alone

Talkin through a three inch glass on a two way phone

You tell me brothers got no options today

You best to listen to the Ice closely fool, crime don't pay

Gas and dope bullets and coke ain't the way

You need to march with the Nation on Atonement Day, represent

[Chuck D]

Now, to all my brothers we be rhymin like this

Yeah I can handle, but they can't kill it mill or dismantle it

And we can leave the component alone

Show all my brothers a brother instead of negro

Crackers in the back obscene knahmean

But I've been knockin em out the box like ??

So on the single we be flowin at the lingo

Comin together, not solo like Mandingo

Chorus: all together

So where you at y'all?

Right here, hangin with my brothers and we showin no fear

So where you at y'all?

Right here, if you represent then throw your hands in the air

[Smooth B]

Arm Leg Leg Arm Head

My people with braids waves dreads and baldheads

A million strong doin duty, wisdom strength beauty

Ummah Ahs they are, sun moon star

And it's a holy day, come sober

Smooth B in D.C., sixteenth of October

In unity there is power, none can devour

Hour after hour, we shower

[RZA & Killah Priest]

Imagine us travellin back to Nazareth

Most fabulous

To raise up the black dead slaves like Lazarus

When I catch rays through the blaze holy essays

No more death days and vexed slaves possessed in caves

Yo it's the last days and times we gots to raise your mind

Brothers walk around dumb different and blind

Pregnant Earths always carry eggs

I pledge to never fall off the ledge

and blacks remain family like Sister Sledge


God prepared the table for us, in the presence of our enemy

Now we soon to be, one in unity

One two three I'm a G

But the God inside is that G I chose to be

The world is a stage and everybody plays a part

I'm not considered, the one with a sensitive heart

When I say black man you say go

Black man GO black man GO


[DA Smart]

Somebody stole me, you took me from Kunta to Toby

and mold me, in a way that you freed me but still hold me

What you tryin to pull? Eatin us like cannibals

Whatever happened to that forty acres and that animal

Now you tryin to use integration just to fool us

Like Malcolm said, we been hoodwinked and bamboozled

Mama cryin, and I ain't lyin

I'm going to Washington for justice, I'ma get it, or die tryin

Don't hesitate, he's at the gate

And that's a million black men in one place to set it straight

So black women applaud the black God

I'm DA Smart, with the million man march


Damn that's how you know the world about to end

Rain hail snow earthquakes and a million black men

Upon the God indivisible

With liberty and justice for all cause y'all done made us miserable

With this AmeriKKKan nightmare

That's why October 16th we gon be right there like yeah

The same niggaz that you want gone

Well we about a million deep on your front lawn

It's goin on from here to Abraham Lincoln's statue

And every brother here thinkin yeah we need to holla at you

About this overdue bidness

With the Black Muslim, Christian Jew and Jehovah Witness

To get this out in the open the only way

Is for us to declare a black holy day

The homies say that they rollin

Plus we got family, forty miles up, controllin

Chorus 4X (to fade

Айс Кьюб

Where Ya At / Айс Кьюб

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