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War and Peace

Ice Cube the great!!

"He has indicated to us that he has sufficient.. firepower..

to.. blow up the Bradley vehicle..

and in fact his words were

'We are ready for war.. let's get it on'"

[Ice Cube]

War.. "War and peace"

Sing it!

Chorus: singer interprets No Doubt's "Don't Speak"

War and peace... (Sing it!)

War and peace forever!

War and peace together.. always!

Verse One: Ice Cube

I'm at the highest peak, still glad the meak is understandin me

Artillery, thoughts of killin me is just a fantasy

The man in me is ready for war, like Holyfield/Tyson IV

A gang against you niggaz on the shore

Either or, your whole family is on the floor

Windows breakin all around em, you can't climb this mountain

I'm at the fountain, with my troops

I start screamin at em like Patton, we gattin at you fools!


Verse Two: Ice Cube

Negotiate... strategy is the key!

I hope they ain't... exclusively after me!

Cause if they are... we gots to be who we be!

And make a star... out of a head enemy!

The papers said... that he died tragically!

They found his head... with no legs and bo-dy!

We made a pledge... to the Dub-S-C!

Bloodshed... if they got no love for peace!

Sing it!


Verse Three: Ice Cube

I'd rather break bread than uhh, break your head

Break your legs, have em broken, I ain't no joke

Don't provoke, the gun smoke from the highest slope

Eternal peace, for my peoples and my folks

My crips and my bloods, criminals and my thugs

Just show a nigga love when I'm rollin on them dubs

Just, give a nigga hugs, we can ride on this piece

Westside for Life but still down with the East

Sing it!

Chorus 2X

After the haters attempt to blow up his car

We find our hero, Ice Cube, on the ground

Bruised, but not beaten

He pulls out his cell phone.. WITH THE CHIP!

And begins to dial Mack One-Oh

Who's faded and rolling through Inglewood

with Mr. Short KHOP

Words.. are spoken

Айс Кьюб

War and Peace / Айс Кьюб

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