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Maniac in the Brainiac

From Bulworth Soundtrack.

Intro: Cube

In every game, we gotta have the brains and the muscle

The game and the hustle... to be real on these streets

So here you have it, the Brainiac

Ice Cube

With the Maniac

Mack 10

Mack & Cube: Yay-y-yay! X2

Verse One

Ice Cube:

While ya'll niggas think about the pap?

I think about which Titanic I'mma sink

The iceberg, with the nice words

I slice verbs and predicets, ghetto etiquette

Y'all better get, this dime-mega shit

The Braniac, the theory be conspiracy

Keep my eye on the birdie, but never get my hands dirty

Verbally call the Maniac and his attack dogs

Signing contracts with automatic jack clause

Mack 10:

I get full of their shit and take flight on these niggas

'Bout to show these so-called

Wig-splitters and nigg-hitters

Who the man be, and what the number one clique is

Let my nuts hang on these busts

And hoes see how big my dick is

Maniac Mack 10 always keep the heat toted

And teflon tips keep the .44 loaded

Straight quoted in nine-trey, by the dime

Now we connected

He said, "Mack, when you westsidin' and ridin' is expected"

So I...


Cube: Maniac with Brainiac, Mack 10!

Mack: You do the drivin', while I do the jackin'

Cube: Maniac with Brainiac, Mack 10!

Mack: My nigga if you plot it, best believe I got it

Mack: And it's on... feel the chrome

Verse 2

Ice Cube:

You in the Stargate, trying t'escape, it's not an option

Got torture techniques for them lies, don't ever lie

Just put the car in drive, we can go ride- get this money

Determined as the Energized Bunny, make a left

Underground parking, guns start sparkin'

ATF enemies all around start chargin'

Tryin' to fuck up my new suit and my weekend

Ask me what you want, you bitch! I ain't speakin'

Mack 10:

Shit, I gives a fuck what the next nigga think

(?) gives a fuck how much bitch you say you ain't

It's like this on mine, potna

By all means, I got the ball

So it's your life, not mine nigga, so you make the call

Now, I can blow your brains out, punk and act the fuckin' fool

Or you can hand your guns over, and let everything be cool

But know this: I won't hesitate to peel your wig back

I'm off that wet-bomb and the whole fifty yak

It's Mack the Maniac, nigga


Verse 3

Ice Cube:

What's the plan? Everything thought out

Everything bought out, like Bill Gates

My niggas love steel weights

I'm still great, after 12 muthafuckin' years

I (?) your ass after 12 muthafuckin' beers

I act kind to my peers and everybody that listen

They know when the Brainiac's missin'

The big fish, hanging with the chicken hawk

Got all the haters, claimin' that they wanna talk

Mack 10:

You argue wit 'em and negotiate, and I really wanna kill 'em

I'm tired of the bullshit, man I really wanna peel 'em

Dog, I knew they were scareless

'Cause my brother Snoop told us

So fuck the money and the dope that they punk-ass owe us

Now when I see 'em, it ain't no question it's all the way on

But I'mma wait in front of they momma house

For that one nigga to get home

And when I gun, watch his body jump

And it's all going to amaze me

To see his own self

Layin' there with his own brains on the pavement


Outro: Mack 10

And it's on... keep takin' 'til it's gone

And it's on... feel the wrath of the chrome


Ice Cube the Brainiac

Mack 10 the Maniac

Айс Кьюб

Maniac in the Brainiac / Айс Кьюб

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