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Lil Ass Gee Eerie Gumbo Remix

[Lil Ass Gee]

Hell naw nigga fuck this

Nigga let me up out of here!

Nigga y'all can't take me to jail anyway

I don't even know why y'all got me gaffled

Look, fuck that, when my big homies find out about this shit

y'all gon' be workin in Alaska, so dress warm motherfucker

[Ice Cube]

Hahahaha, yeah

"This type of shit it happens ev-ery-day" -> Slick Rick (2X)

[Ice Cube]

Look at that lil' ass Westside loc'ed out

insane-in-the-brain little nigga servin 'caine

Use to have to ask could he cross the street

Now he's rollin in a G, the G is on E

He's quick to hit you up with the two fingers spreaded (Wassup?)

He'll roll that shit (Wassup?) and hold that shit (Wassup?)

Now you know what fuckin set he's claimin

A wild little nigga and it ain't no tamin

And just when you think everything is calm

that motherfucker is the first to bomb (like the)

bang, ping, catch you with the sleeper

He'll draw down, and then check his beeper (fool)

He's clockin them chips and bucks

Gettin, his little dick sucked by the, clucks (yeah)

And will he do dirt? Fool oh please

Little loc's are harder then the O.G.'s (that's right)

You fall to the ground and then bleed

Just got served by little niggaz on a 10-speed

Twelve years old, got bumps they can't keep

A straight killer, a fool, a lil' ass gee

(a lil' ass gee) (a lil' ass gee)

[Lil Ass Gee]

Hey, you little niggaz need to get up out the spot man

What, what nigga you think I'm a lil' punk or somethin?

What you trippin for man?

Nigga fuck yo' life! {*BLAM BLAM, BLAM*}

Chorus: N.O. Joe Johnson

When you run for yo' gun, just to save yo' life

it's just a .. little ass gee

When you hatin on these fools on these motherfuckin streets

I'm just a .. little ass gee

When I step up on yo' ass with the shank

niggaz know it's just a .. little ass gee

Just a young motherfuckin tryin to clock my grip

I'm just a .. little ass gee

[Ice Cube]

God damn, it's a trip

Use to have the G.I. Joe, with the kung-fu grip (yep)

Now it's straight Crip, or Blood

Now ya sag, you used the flood (mark)

Now you're known as the baby Droopy (yeah)

Goin to camp, and it ain't Camp Snoopy (Wassup?)

But I ain't surprised

It's 12 months later, yea, I see you got a little size

You motherfuckin crook

You want respect cause you didn't get'cha manhood took

Drinkin that 'gac like it's no tomorr-y

Westside hustler, fuck Atari

Been to jail, and it ain't no thang

Can't wait til you get 22's on the hang (nigga look)

A underage boy that's smokin tye

And that's your idea of junior high

All you want for Christmas is guns and triggers

Little nigga nuttier than a Snickers

You don't wanna be like Mike, you wanna be like me

A fool, a killer, a lil' ass gee

(a lil' ass gee) (a lil' ass gee)

"Crazy motherfucker from around the way" -> Cube (N.W.A.)


[sampled interlude]

We have people, that have been conditioned

not to expect to live, beyond the age of 30

They no longer care

Once they no longer care, they're extremely dangerous

"I'm not afraid of bein shot

cause that's the environment I grew up in"

[Ice Cube]

See, I knew it wouldn't be long (tell 'em)

They got yo' ass stretched like Stretch Armstrong

in the one-man cell, it got'cha thinkin

Sendin more kites than Benjamin Franklin

Twenty years old but ya still a veteran

Won't touch down til we're livin like the Jetsons

Proud of yourself, because ya done done it

Gotcha 22's and your name on your stomach

Never even think about a woman to fuck

Rather stand in line to bust the ass of a young buck

(Who's next?) Got stuck, now you're bleedin

Hospital ward, is got your reading

Learn about the knowledge of self ya see

Got ya mad enough to go and stick the deputy

See, it ain't about bein hard (that's right)

but that's whatcha tell the little homies on the yard

Ya already done did ten

and wish you could start all over again

Brand new inmates, and who do ya see

Your baby brother in shackles, a fool, a lil' ass gee

(a lil' ass gee) (a lil' ass gee)

A fool, a lil' ass gee

Yo this go out to the little hardhead homies

who probably gon' see more uhh, asshole.. than pussyhole

when they get you in that system, and I ain't trippin


Айс Кьюб

Lil Ass Gee Eerie Gumbo Remix / Айс Кьюб

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