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Let it Rain

From Blood Is Thicker Soundtrack


Let it rain make it bang

Niggas in my 'hood sayin'

Fuck everythang

WC (Let it Rain)

Let it rain make it bang

Niggas in my 'hood sayin'

Fuck everythang

WC: Skip skip Connect Gang Connect Gang


It ain't my fault you wanna C-walk

and gang bang when you hear the G-talk nigga

swing that bitch 'til you break the ball joints

niggas can't see me on this mic or this ballpoint

Papa Don got it locked (got it locked)

with the Glock got ya butt naked to ya socks yayae

The Westside Connect Thugs...

Ain't no California Love just California slugs

Mack 10

Yo well by popular demand W.S. now I'm back

heat loaded finna jack for another true platinum plaque

It ain't new Westsiders been harder

since Cube had the curl drippin' on the Raider starter (ha ha)

cocked is a must if in heat you trust

now bang the hot hopper 'til all four pumps bust (bust)

Smoke dust then take ten paces

with big bright bows in my flamed phat laces


Thunder thunder hot as fire

it's the return of the three kings

Zulu we're the gang bang empire


W.C. the C & B walker conduct the blue chucker

painter pants yep I'm still bangin' on you busters

In the Shark Bar G'd up I got'em nervous

with hoes packin' gats in they candy sprayed purses

Fresh off a 2 piece smelling like a pick

it's that bandana swinger from the number 1 click


W.C. (singsong)

Blowed off yak with the W.S. tat'

with the whammy in the back

real riders where you at?


Bitch, I could give a fuck if you liked me

rollin' with the Mack, Maniac, & W-Shiesty

My nigga just spent a house

on some tinted out, some shit you gotta rent it out

It's time to meet the gorillas

the gangsta the killer & the dope dealers

Mack: (We Go-Rillas!)

Cube: and y'all niggas gon' feel us

and fuck everybody that wanna kill us.


If it ain't a 64 it's a 6 double 0

foot to the flo' what you want from the sto'?

Bang loose off that act right juice

Ghetto rich niggas sippin' on a deuce-deuce

Fall in & get quoted 'fore the heat get reloaded

Servin' in the 'hood got us all gettin' shorted

kick rocks or pick rocks from the D-dealer

Westside ride against the grain in a three wheeler


CONNECT GANG is back ching ching

look at me kickin' 'em with a brand new track ching ching

Call the G's all of the G's!!

Niir please get yo' ass out the chair

throw yo' hands in the air

with the craziest one of my alias no mistaken this

trick don't play with this I'm the Original Shadiest

Stayed in this played in this takin' it back to the days

of gangsters it's sick as they come

Let me know where you from!!!

Chorus w/ ad libs 'til end

Айс Кьюб

Let it Rain / Айс Кьюб

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