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Resurrection Mary - live

In 1935 I was living in paradise, I had a friend up in Cicero.

We used to go out to the track and knock a few whiskeys back.

I'd lose my shirt and then I'd lose my way home

I was driving my Stutz back home through Justice in the dark,

when suddenly the blood froze in my veins.

She was standing by the road in an incandescent glow.

My heart said 'run' but my foot slammed on the brakes.

She said "Please, please would you justify my wish?

I'm trying to get to Heaven, will you tell me where that is?"

On a wild Chicago night, with a wind howling white,

I caught my first sign of Resurrection Mary, RM, RM, RM.

I was trembling like a leaf, I was scared beyond belief,

after all my conscience is not clear.

I used to work with Mickey Finn, I did the numbers for Big Jim

Perhaps my day of reckoning was here?

I said "Please, please, I'd love to dignify your wish.

But when it comes to Heaven, I'm just a little bit amateurish."

On a wild Chicago night, with a wind howling white

I cheated time with Resurrection Mary, RM, RM, RM.

Yeah the tears were forming in my eyes,

for the first time, I felt something deep inside,

and for the first time I saw angels high in the air,

for the first time in my life.

I said "Mary, go to the light, it's gonna be alright."

I got down on my knees and I said "Sweet Mary, please,

justify the wishes before you run.

Will you tell him I've reformed, will you tell him I'm reborn?"

She closed her eyes and then she spoke in tongues

I said "Please, please, will you tell me what he said?"

She said "You must die

the day before the devil knows you're dead."

On a wild Chicago night, with a wind howling white


Иэн Хантер

Resurrection Mary - live / Иэн Хантер

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