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Knees of my Heart

How do I begin - where do I start

When did you first scrape the knees of my heart

You said you would never marry a musician

I said that's all right - 'cos I ain't good enough to be one

You dragged this basket case - in out of the dark

And I fell for you - from the knees of my heart

The Registrar's Office was a bold council gray

I slipped the ring on your finger - it's there to this day

Oakington Avenue - corn flakes 'n' jam

I sprayed your Anglia black - but it still looks like a pram

You got the face of an angel - I felt Cupid's dart

All the way down to the knees of my heart

You love me - you hate me

You move me - you irritate me

When I go over the top you always drag me back

You fill in all the cracks - I guess opposite's attract

And I'm glad of that

Down by the river where the humming birds hum

I bought you house with a burglar alarm system

You're honest, you're faithful - you're loyal and true

Where would I be if it was not for you?

For always and ever - ''til death do us part

I will love you - from the knees of my heart

Иэн Хантер

Knees of my Heart / Иэн Хантер

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