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Shades Off (spoken)

Where do you go when you've somewhere to run

But the time isn't right and there's things to be done

And you're trapped half-way up, you don't want to go back

So you keep going on - compromising the lack

And you see the green fields as you travel on by

And you look at the things you'd forgotten to try

And you wish you were young and you wish you were old

For the songs always sung and the stories been told

And you thought you were different but what did it mean

For you tricked yourself trying - life's still unseen

As it is, as it was, as it always will be

Will you find out at all what it is to be free

See it never was easy to live with a head

So I kept to the back room and I live there instead

What comes from the front-room is only for "Friends"

I have a bay window but that's where it ends

And it's here I see pictures and my madness is clear

And there's no longer logic so therefore no fear

And I'm almost dead with uncontrollable light

Sometimes when I've written a song - it's alright...

Иэн Хантер

Shades Off (spoken) / Иэн Хантер

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