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God (take 1)

(ian hunter)

God said to me "gonna kick your ass - 'cos all you do is ask ask ask

All that energy looking for me when i'm sitting here inside you - plain to see

How i built you cell for cell gave you sights to see - gave you tales to tell

Even let you help yourself for a while - to take some weight off this busy child"

I said to god "i found you out - i know what this world is all about!"

God said "stop - don't scramble your brain - my opponent's been messing you around again

See him and me are enemies and we play little games for galaxies

And he's inside you - 'n i am too - so here we are - just the three of you"

"oh we made mistakes - too many cards - but making human beings can be hard

A god gets tired of playing so much chess - he wishes his god would get him out of his mess"

I said to god "what's it like to die" he said "it's as plain as the sea and sky

Conception was him and me and you - when your batteries fade we all just move on"

I said to god "who's winning this game - is the devil in front" he said "is that his name

You know i've been so busy i never asked - i never looked up from this awesome task"

I said to god "what's good 'n bad" he said "it's just something you've got to have

It don't mean nothing to us up here - but your primitive people - you gotta have fear"

I said to god "do i think for myself" he said i told you once you just help yourself

Don't forget you're composed of three, your thinking comes from him and me"

I said to god "how big are you, is there a religion - is it true

How big's the universe - is time - the same for you as my life is to mine"

God said "if all the things that made worlds float - were all to part - then you would note

Иэн Хантер

God (take 1) / Иэн Хантер

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