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Иэн Дьюри Иэн ДьюриБританский автор и рок-исполнитель


Robbed R. Pearson's paper, Lauren spent his half

Ricky loves a kicking and he wants to join the guards

Barry breaks the windows of his broken home

Have a guess. His tiny mind's been stonned

Lionel touches women when they're walking through the park

He goes through people's gardens nicking laundry in the dark

Roger left a sleeper across the District Line

Yeah, his dad's a shipping clerk

Boys let's have a laugh

Let's have some mischief

Fill a Durex full of water

Throw it on a bus

Take a pigeon to the pictures

Let's cause a bit of fuss

A bit of mischief

Let's go bloody raving mad

Let's do something really bad

They won't forget the day weve had

Some mischief

Jack and Stan are tossing pals like monkeys in the zoo

When they got caught by Gelmont Gibbs they had to wank him too

Incentive didn't want two of Dave (Get it?)

He failed his inter, failed his interview (Oh yeah?)

Иэн Дьюри

Mischief / Иэн Дьюри

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