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Spilin Away

Feel everything is circumstantial.

Realise the nonsense of existance.

Start to put an end to this lost life.

Ain't no change for the better.

So I'll choose it from (death)

Memories been (blessed) this one day.

Take the tears and the pain.

My soul I sell to prolong.

Don't tell me.


Bury the pain, as I bury the knife in my body.

Slowly slipping away, to another dimension (of virtue)

[end of chorus]

My soul is slippin' away in vain.

A man greets me from the other side.

"Welcome to Hell."

"Me? My name is Death."

So please forgive this heart.

And these dreams that you've felt.

Don't tell me.

[repeat chorus 2 times]

[repeat chorus 2 times]


Spilin Away / HYPOCRISY

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