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 Husker Du Husker Duальтернативный хардкор

Ice Cold Ice

Barren lands and barren minds

In another place and time

I feel i've never known myself

Frozen in the sand again

See the blank expressions waiting for progression

They're standing still in place and time

And no one's moving, they're only

Standing still in ice cold ice cold ice

All machines and all are one

Catching up on what's been done

Stealing glimpses from the past

These impressions always last

Never penetrating, always contemplating

We sit and count the blessings but we're blessed by icons

No one else could

Trust in ice cold ice cold ice cold ice

We'll stay together till the end

Thinking you might be a friend

We sit and pray together that they might change the weather

My love for you will never die

If i sound distant, that's because

You shouldn't see me crying ice cold ice

Husker Du

Ice Cold Ice / Husker Du

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