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 Husker Du Husker Duальтернативный хардкор

Up In The Air

Pass away the hours, hear the footsteps of the past

Walking up the stairs of time, knowing that i'm trapped

Cold winds of indifference persuade a movement south

Thinking that it's better there

The warmer climes that we seek out

Poor bird flies up in the air, never getting anywhere

And how much misery can one soul take?

Trying to fly away might have been your fist mistake

Poor bird flies up int he air

Never getting anywhere

Picking petals off a flower, loves me, loves me not

Is love another way to count the things you haven't got?

We wish the best to all our friends, young and old alike

When the dust has settled in the sky, you can have anything you like

Husker Du

Up In The Air / Husker Du

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