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No Reservations

I hear some news, i read the words

It's different every day

I get my thoughts from a letter that's lost

That someone threw away

It says, "don't give up, 'cause you can't give away"

The thought's appreciated

Now at the best, you've second guessed

And never should you have waited

(never changes, the things i feel inside

Sit by a lake and cry

Like a shingle on a roof in a windstorm

Should i let loose and fly?)

An overpass, and some corn in a field

Fat birds on the line

Dented guard rail, immaculate bumper

Protecting your design

A broken down shack with a pond in the back

Laundry out to dry

Some of them barren, some of them whole

All of them have no time

Come along with me

Come along, come along with me

We'll go to places that we have never seen

And if we're together, we'll have a happy time

'cause i got no reservations

Husker Du

No Reservations / Husker Du

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