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Its Not Peculiar

Is it sensible, life is what it seems

When you're living in a dream

Could you care enough? while pausing on a thought

Can you think of what you've got?

(only you know what matters in your life)

When it's pouring out, you're pondering inside

And all the times you shouted, everybody cried

You've got to learn to compromise

To live inside the others' lives

It's not peculiar, there's nothing to devise at all

On a stormy night, you're sitting on the floor

Is it nothing anymore?

Waking up to fix it, making up the fight

Will it be one more tonight?

(some things we said will never wash away)

Taking all of this into another day

Recollections of the words we used to say

The times you looked into my eyes

Whispered vowing not to lie

Hear the telephone, it's raining in the fall

And you hope i never call

Sending messages that never get received

But we're trying, i believe

(sometimes we wonder what our lives are for)

Taking all of this is taking all of me

Sometimes i wish i had the energy

When it falls apart like fragments of our lives

Give a little bit, and give a lot to die

Husker Du

Its Not Peculiar / Husker Du

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