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 Husker Du Husker Duальтернативный хардкор

Flexible Flyer

Down on my flexible flyer

To the bottom how fast i would go

Just waiting for me under the tree

And out in the snow

A cowboy, a nurse or a fireman

There's so many things that you can be

You can set bigger goals, but set your soul

Yeah, set your soul free

Times, places and situations

Lead to an early grave

When we get there we see

Just what did we save?

If your heart is a flame burning brightly

You'll have light and you'll never be cold

And soon you will know that you just grow

You're not growing old

If the wheels of your wagon are rusty

You can paint them until they are new

You can roll down a hill, but if you can't

Then i pity you

Husker Du

Flexible Flyer / Husker Du

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