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Sorry Somehow

Time heals, time goes on and time really flies

Time hurts and time can cut you, cut you down to size

There's no need to touch you now, no, i'm doing fine

Life too can cut you and i've cut you out of mine

You're making me...

Sorry, sorry somehow

Sorry, sorry somehow

There's no need to talk to you, well to know what's on your mind

There's no need to see you either, no, i'm just being kind

You want me to beg forgiveness, tender an apology

It's not my fault and you're not getting one from me

Now i guess it's your decision now you decide

Take me to the cleaners baby, take me for a ride

Who ever cares for your affairs will sort it out for you

Send me a subpoena baby tell me what to do

I don't have to think about you, think about the past

Those days stand out in my mind and those days were the last

I know the time is coming and i'm waiting for the day

I'd give you everything in the world just to get it out of the way

Husker Du

Sorry Somehow / Husker Du

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