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Too Far Down

I'm down again

And i don't know how to tell you

But maybe this time i can't come back

Because i might be too far down

I wish for real

That i could turn it on and off

Like hot and cold and up and down

Because i'm down again

I'm too far down

I couldn't begin to smile

Because i can't even laugh or cry

Because i just can't do it

If it was so easy to be happy

Why am i so down?

All i can do is sit and wonder if it's going to end

Or if i should just go away forever

When i sit and think

I wish that i just could die

Or let someone else be happy

By setting my own self free

And you don't want the emotion

Because the taste it leaves is for real

But nothing's ever real until it's gone

And i might be too far down

And is this just another thrown away

Or is this the end of the whole stupid road

But you wouldn't want to know how i feel anyway

Because the darkest hole is at the end of the road

I'm down again

And i guess i'm not the only one who dreams

That there's not any way to tell you

Because i might be too far down

Husker Du

Too Far Down / Husker Du

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