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I could stay here the rest of my life

I could be happy, never be lonely

I don't need to go looking for misery

I could surround myself with my props

Playing my part, getting caught up

In a game, some game, that anyone can play

I could be proud of things i have done

Pretend i don't have to try to be someone

I could say that i've done it all before

I could get wiser, i could get jaded

I could remember, i could just fade away

In a game that anyone can play

I am so proud, i don't have to try

Never a need to justify it when

People say "hey i was important too"

Memories go to reinforce

The things i have done, for better or worse

It's a game that anyone can play

Just when you think that all your answers are so right

You'll fade away and disappear from sight

The ones who said you're great will find another way

I could be sad, i could be lonely

I could still have some friends if i only

Didn't play the games i had to play

I was important when i was cool

Now it gets lonely playing the fool

It's a game that anyone can play

Husker Du

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