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Keep Hanging On

Only angels have wings girl

And poets have all the words

The earth belongs to the two of us

And the sky belongs to the birds

You've given me so much happiness

That i'll wrap up and give you this song

You gotta grab it with both hands

You gotta keep hanging on...

The cat walks to the window

And i hear the key turn in the door

No one knows and anything goes

And everything falls on the floor

The apartment starts shaking

And the roof opens up to the sun

The crows flying in parallel lines

And golly isn't this great fun?

Laying in each other's arms

We're sleepy, we begin to nod

And we start to dream of grandiose things

Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god

You gotta keep hanging on

Husker Du

Keep Hanging On / Husker Du

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