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 Husker Du Husker Duальтернативный хардкор


Avalanche looms overhead

Airplane flies overhead

Important man sits by the window

Sucked out of the first class window

Images run by, thousand miles an hour

But the time seems far away

Folding clothes in a folding closet

Folding money in a resume

Time to let off some pressure

Time to let off some steam

All your notebooks get thrown away

And you start your diary clean

Crystal glass lined up in a row

Watched over by the g.i. joes

Sugar in your coffee doesn't taste quite right

Feeling the effects for a hundred thousand nights

When civilization falls in its grave

Technology throws on the dirt

You realize the finest things in life

Are the ones that can never be hurt

Shatters your brain in a million tiny pieces

The sounds you hear aren't coming out right

You think it might be mystic, you think i might be cryptic

The crystal in your china case is breaking in a million tiny pieces

Husker Du

Crystal / Husker Du

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