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Bed Of Nails

I can walk the bed of nails

I'm not the only one

But some, they cannot walk the jagged line

Callous, concentrating

For nails are sharp as lies

I run the jagged line

From years and years of practice

I know just how to stand

Alone with perfect balance, hand in hand

Prepared with boards and hammers

And several bags of nails

I could build a wall to lean on

Roof above my mind

I can see you've got your own plans

Please don't drive your nails into this heart of mine

I can walk the bed of nails

Grin and bear the pain

But some, they cannot deal with all these things

Always sacrificing

For lies are sharp as nails

And all the pain it brings

Sometimes i just pretend that all the lies are true

And i know i might depend on you

But if my concentration breaks

I'm washed away with pain

And then my feet begin to bleed upon my only bed of nails

And i'm stuck here in the middle of a sea of lies

Inside my bed of nails

Husker Du

Bed Of Nails / Husker Du

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