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 Husker Du Husker Duальтернативный хардкор

Books About UFOs

Walking down a sunny street to the library

Checking out the latest books on outer space

Going to the fruit stand to buy a dozen oranges

Then she and the books and the oranges go back to her place

She tells the same old story to everyone that she knows

She's just sitting in her room reading books about UFOs

Sometimes I see her sitting on the rooftop

Perched in a lawnchair and staring into the sky

I know that somewhere in some faraway galaxy

That some gray men with telescopes are gazing right into her eyes

Her live revolves around all of the planets

And she is constantly aware of all the changes that occur

I'm going to turn into a lens and focus all my attention

On finding a new planet and naming it right after her

Husker Du

Books About UFOs / Husker Du

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